Description of Project: 

Sukut moved more than 17 million cubic yards of dirt to create 268 mountain top lots for this multi-million dollar project that spans 268 graded acres. Sukut used new and innovative approaches to rebuild mountains, making this type of terrain a safer place to build communities. In fact, the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology for grade control is reinventing how a job is built.
The following is a brief description of work completed:
• 17,500,000 cubic yards of earthwork was completed to create 268 residential pads.
• 50 scrapers moved 1.5 million cubic yards moved per month.
• The project was completed in 17 months and completed with zero lost time incidents.
• 10 miles of concrete “V” terrace ditches were poured to drain the water from the hillside.
• 7,200 square yards of Geogrid, or fabric soil reinforcement lined the long entrance.

Standard Pacific Homes - Orange County
Total Value: 
$44 Mil
Date Completed: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Walnut, CA
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