Description of Project: 

Sukut Construction has provided the San Bernardino County with landfill expansion construction at numerous landfills throughout the County. The San Timoteo construction project consisted of mass excavation, installation of ground-water control systems, one foot clay liner and dual geomembrane liner on the cell floor with a single geomembrane system on the side-slope areas.
The following is a brief description of work completed:
• Screening and processing of 212,000 cubic yards of operations material.
• Excavated and placed 5,000 cubic yards of low permeability soil.
• 385,000 square feet of Geosynthetic Liner installation, including dual liner on cell floor.
• 4,000 lineal feet of sub-drain; 3,000 lineal feet of back-drain; and 2,700 lineal feet of LCRS.

County Of San Bernardino
Total Value: 
$4.1 Mil
Date Completed: 
Sunday, August 31, 2008
San Timoteo, CA
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