Description of Project: 

This project consisted of a massive debris removal operation for homes that were burned during the Southern California firestorms. Major activities included Health & Safety monitoring for personnel; separation of waste streams for recycling; transport and disposal of all fire related debris; demolition of concrete structures and foundations. This work required Sukut employees to work in Level C protection at all times in the Exclusion Zone.
The following is a brief description of work completed:
• Sukut provided four experienced work crews to the project.
• 16 lots were cleared in 20 working days by Sukut forces.
• A total of about 7,500 tons of debris was removed by Sukut forces.
• 500 tons of concrete debris was removed and recycled.
• 20 tons of metals were removed and recycled.
• Sukut worked closely with Diani to establish and maintain procedures for the project.
• Maintained an intense work schedule while working around numerous constraints related to residents and property access issues.
• With the average home size in the 4,000 sf range — Debris removal was highly concentrated and dense.
• Numerous homes had driveways and improvements that were protected in place during the debris removal process.
• The project was completed without any lost time incidents.

AJ Diani Construction, Inc.
Total Value: 
$12.2 Mil
Date Completed: 
Thursday, July 31, 2008
Rancho Bernardo, CA
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